A simple vision, powered by the community,
profitable for the community.​


All liquidity providers on Uniswap are able to farm their LP tokens and earn amazing profits.


YFD token holders submit and vote on proposals and receive a share of the revenue from each platform.

DeFi Financial Center

YFD aims to rebuild all classes of financial services provided in traditional finance but through DeFi protocols.


Decentralized Exchange

Trading platform with an automated revenue sharing system.

Benefits For Traders

Buy/sell directly with stablecoins for cheaper slippage and transaction fees.

Advanced User Tools

Advanced portfolio analysis tools and leveraged trading features.


  • DFI.Exchange
  • DFI.Swap
  • DFI.Governance
  • DFI.Insurance
  • DFI.Self-Banking
  • DFI.Ventures

Buy/sell tokens directly with stablecoins to save on slippage and transaction fees


Swap app to trade between ETH, YFD and other DeFi tokens


Sumbit and vote on ecosystem proposals by holding the VOTX governance token



Community Centered Swap App

Swap between ETH, YFD and other tokens and receive profits generated on the platform.

Wallet Integration

Fully integrated ERC-20 non-custodial wallet creator and a dedicated wallet for YFD tokens.

Advanced User Tools

User transaction history with advanced portfolio analysis tools and video tutorials


YFD has enlisted Hacken as the security auditor of smart contracts to ensure the safety and security of all products and services released.



Governance Platform

The user-friendly platform to set on-chain community votes related to the YFD ecosystem.

Submit And Vote On Proposals

YFD is governed by YFD token holders who submit and vote on proposals (DeFi Token listing…) using the VOTX governance token.

Earn Huge Profits

Most of profits generated from each YFD solution (DFI.Exchange, DFI.Swap…) will be redistributed to the community.

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